9 Handpicked Podcast Website Examples to Inspire You

Whether you're a seasoned podcaster or just getting started, having a great website is essential to growing your audience and keeping them engaged. But with so many different ways to design a website, it can be tough to know where to start.

That's why we've put together a list of some of the best podcast websites out there, from sleek and minimal designs to more colorful and interactive ones. No matter what your style is, you're sure to find inspiration from these top-notch examples.

1. Talking Sopranos Podcast

Builder: Squarespace

About the podcast: Hosted by Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa, this podcast is about, you guessed it, the popular HBO show Sopranos. The two talk about the series, interview the cast and crew, discuss things with superfans, and analyze selected show episodes.

Why we love it: The website has an overall clean and minimal design, all built in accord with the brand. It's easy to navigate and find the episodes you're looking for, either by season at the menu bar or all of them as you scroll down. The black and white color scheme spiced up with red is sleek and modern.

2. The Friday Habit

Builder: Squarespace

About the podcast: Mark Labriola II & Benjamin Manley talk about business growth and marketing every Friday morning, providing the audience with actionable ideas and ways to improve their businesses.

Why we love it: It’s bright, neat, and tidy, with the branding being the central point of the website. It has a cohesive navigation bar and the CTA buttons to direct you to the podcast. Right off the bat, you can make up a clear idea of what the podcast is about from the visuals, while the concise copy supports that mission.

3. The NewsWorthy

Builder: Squarespace

About the podcast: In just 10 minutes, Erica Mandy tells you everything you need to know from the day's news. The podcast covers stories from politics, tech, business, and more.

Why we love it: Bright and uplifting, The Newsworthy’s website has a pretty minimalistic design with neatly crafted navigation. It has everything you need right at the homepage, also allowing you to dig deeper into separate pages and find more non-podcast information. The CTA’s are also placed nicely, without annoying the visitors.

4. Twenty Thousand Hertz

Builder: Squarespace

About the podcast: Have you ever wondered how a duck call is made? Or what the "S" sound actually sounds like? This podcast dives into the stories behind the world's most interesting sounds and discusses how sounds can affect the brand image as much as visuals do.

Why we love it: The branding is at the core of this website. The visuals on the front page, and in the podcast episodes are supportive of the podcast's subject matter, are neatly illustrated, and are a pleasure to look at. The website uses the color spectrum in symphony with the illustrations, and has an easy-to-use navigation menu.

5. Duncan Trussell Family Hour

Builder: Squarespace

About the podcast: Comedian Duncan Trussell and his guests discuss a wide range of topics, from the paranormal to relationships to art and pop culture, exploring the outer reaches of the multiverse.

Why we love it: The website’s design is effectively supporting the overall theme and topics of the podcast, with enthralling illustrations that are out of this world. It’s pretty straight-to-the-topic with the latest episode and its details right at your sight, while allowing you to find whatever else you might need quite effortlessly.

6. The Collective Podcast

Builder: Squarespace

About the podcast: The Collective podcast is all about creativity, business, and marketing. Hosts Ash Thorp and Andrew Hawryluk interview creative professionals and discuss the business side of things.

Why we love it: The website has a very sleek and modern design that is easy on the eyes and navigation. The episodes are well organized and placed in an easily accessible way. The colors used are also complementary to the branding.

7. Congratulations

Builder: Squarespace

About the podcast: Comedian and YouTube personality Chris D'Elia talks about random stuff from his own personal life. His podcast episodes are filled with various topics that make you laugh.

Why we love it: The last thing this website wants to do is to overwhelm you.  And it definitely succeeds in that. The design is clean and organized, with the episodes as the main focus.  The use of colors is also kept to a minimum, which makes the website look very professional.

8. Far Away From Far Away

Builder: Custom

About the podcast:  This one is a series of audio postcards from people living in remote places around the world. The episodes take you to different locations and let you experience the sounds of each place.

Why we love it: With the most unique entry in this list, the Far Away podcast website opens up a new interactive world when you visit it on your smartphone. The website itself is a method of storytelling, taking you through its chapters as you tap. The layout and the design, in turn, support this journey visitors are set for.

9. The WPMRR Podcast

Builder: WordPress

About the podcast: The WPMRR podcast is all about WordPress, web performance, and marketing. The episodes are short and to the point, providing listeners with actionable tips that they can use to improve their WordPress site.

Why we love it: Designed by WordPress experts, the website is clean and organized, with the episodes as the main focus. It has CTA buttons all over the place, which, even so, are generally well placed. It also has a number of widgets that enable podcast content integration across multiple platforms.

Closing Points

Publishing a podcast can be a great way to build an audience and establish yourself as an expert in your field. And while the quality of your content is the most important thing, having a great-looking website can also go a long way in helping you stand out from the crowd.

We hope that these best podcast website examples have inspired you to create a website for your own show. And if you need any help with podcast recording and editing, both in audio and video formats, be sure to try out Podcastle for free. The AI-powered software comes with a number of easy-to-use features and tools that will massively help you out throughout every stage of podcast content creation. From automatic background noise removal to creating a new digital voice from your own, you’re sure to find a lot of it handy.

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