Seamlessly communicate with your teams, clients, and other stakeholders around the world

Ensure your global teams are informed and aligned, with Podcastle’s studio quality webinar and video communication toolkit 

Why Comms Teams Love Podcastle

Streamline internal communications
Executives and team leaders can look and sound their best with Podcastle’s high quality recording studio, with up to 4K video output regardless of internet connectivity.
Corporate comms, webinars, and support tools
Record flawless remote interviews with up to 10 participants at a time, plus screen sharing tools to highlight your product or content.


Record in studio quality audio & video, along with screen sharing capabilities to illuminate your message
Remote Interviewing
Record up to 10 remote participants at a time. Locally uncompressed 4K video and 48kHz WAV audio records each guest on a separate track.
No need to spend countless hours editing your content. Our Editor makes it quick and easy to sound flawless in just a few clicks, with the help of our AI toolkit.
Industry-leading AI transcription with high accuracy, making your content easily discoverable and accessible for your audience.

Trusted by comms specialists all over the world

“Podcastle can help you with all of that. I love that it’s an all-in-one editing and recording studio that allows you to edit a podcast in less than 10 minutes and enhance audio with one button. A great tool for independent creators and educators who don’t have a big budget nor a lot of time.” - Fei W, G2 review

“It’s intuitive with great capacity. Podcastle is intuitive enough that someone without a lot of editing experience can quickly pick this up and do it themselves. This has been the solution for me which has allowed me to create better content.” - Ric G, G2 review
“Unlike others, Podcastle built a tool that feels easy, sounds natural, and just works. I love it. It's extremely easy to use and I like the features I see coming down the pipe, as well.” - Ryan R, G2 review

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