Best Apps For Making Podcasts in 2023/24

Creating podcasts is fun and it brings a lot of satisfaction to people with creative minds. But as many podcasters know, podcast production could be a time-consuming and challenging process without using apps that fasten and automate some production steps. What’s more, finding the best apps for making podcasts can be challenging as well.

If you’re eager to start your own podcast but don’t know which tools you should start with, look no further. You are in the right place! We’ll explore the best apps available on the market for making podcasts in this article.

From audio recording and editing to distribution and monetization, these apps can help you with a lot of tasks. Keep reading to find out more about the best apps for making podcasts.

Can I Make a Podcast with My Phone?

Creating professional-level podcasts doesn't have to be expensive or difficult. You can record high-quality audio even without a computer; if you have a smartphone that supports podcasting apps with all their functionality, you’re good to go! Luckily there are plenty of podcast-making mobile apps, that free you from the need of having a professional microphone, headphones and other gear for quality recordings.

1) Podcastle


The platform allows users to record podcasts and other audio content and further edit it by adding music and sound effects to their recordings.

If you don’t want to use your own voice, Podcastle lets you choose from a rich variety of AI voices that can read your podcast script.

The key advantage of this podcast-making app is that it does not require technical skills to use it. Even inexperienced users can record their own shows and start podcasting with a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

It's simple enough for beginners while still having advanced features for the experienced podcast creators.

As well as free plan, Podcastle has “storyteller” and “pro” plans with even more features included.

Download for iOS

2) Riverside

Creating a podcast with Riverside is simple, too. This app offers easy-to-use features such as audio editing, voice effects and sound mixing -allowing anyone to become a professional podcaster in no time at all. With these tools at your fingertips, you’ll be able to turn even the most basic ideas into compelling audio stories with ease and convenience.

Overall, Riverside can be a good choice for beginners and professionals who are looking for a way to create a good-looking podcast without having to navigate complex apps for making podcasts.

3) PodBean

Download for iOS | Download for Android

PodBean is an app that makes and shares your own podcast. This podcast maker takes away all the complexity of creating a professional-sounding audio show.

PodBean's intuitive interface makes creating podcasts simple and straightforward, meaning even those who are unfamiliar with audio production can get started quickly and easily. It supports all major audio file formats, including MP3s, AACs, FLACs and WAVs. Enabling users to record in high quality and export their files. Users also have access to free music tracks they can use as background music.

4) Audacity

Download for IOS

Making a podcast can be an intimidating task for many aspiring creators. Except for those who use apps like Audacity.

For starters, Audacity allows you to adjust the sound quality of your recordings. It offers different features like noise reduction for better sound quality.
You can add effects like filters and echo for a professional sound.
This is a good option for those who want more control over their audio output.
Audacity is an audio editing software available on Mac and Windows.

5) Zencastr

Zencastr is another name on our list of top apps for making podcasts.
It is a tool designed specifically for making podcasts and offers users a range of features and tools to help them get the most out of their podcasting experience. With Zencastr, users can record audio clips, edit sound files, add music and sound effects. The app also comes with helpful analytics so users can track how their podcast is performing and monetization to start making money!

6) Descript

Descript is designed to be accessible and intuitive, even for beginners. The app features an easy-to-use interface so users can edit audio and add music easily. With its incorporation of powerful AI tools, Descript helps users craft their podcasts more accurately and efficiently than ever before.

Whether you’re looking to start your own podcast or just want to up your production value, Descript provides all the tools you need to create high-quality audio content right from your phone or computer. With this revolutionary new app, making a professional-sounding podcast has never been easier!

Podcast Creator Apps

Here is a list of the top apps to create a podcast:

1) Podcastle AI
2) Podbean
3) Riverside FM
4) Audacity
5) Anchor


In conclusion, making a podcast has become easier than ever before with the abundance of apps out there. Whether you want to create a professional-level podcast or simply record yourself talking on your phone, there is an app available to suit your needs.

These selected apps were chosen for their affordability as well as their wide range of features such as audio editing, voice recordings, sound mixing capabilities, and more. Not only will they make podcasting simpler but also give users access to resources that would otherwise be out of reach without spending hundreds on expensive software. With these top 6 best apps for making podcasts, anyone can look like a pro!

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