How To Be a Good Podcast Guest - Important Tips 2023

Being a good guest on a podcast can help you get your message out to a wide audience and make meaningful connections with the hosts and audience.

A great podcast interview can be beneficial for everyone involved, and it's essential to come prepared as a guest and be ready to give your best performance. As a guest on a podcast, you can share your expertise, stories, and advice with an audience of people eager to learn from you.

Being a good podcast guest means more than just delivering good content. You should also respect the host's time and rules, and ensure your behavior fits into the show’s format.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or are new to being interviewed, there are a number of essential tips you should keep in mind when preparing for a podcast interview.

This article offers the best tips on how to be a good podcast guest. It lays out a range of things you can do to ensure your podcast appearance is unforgettable.


Tips and Tricks for Podcast Guests - How to Prepare for a Podcast Interview

Let's take a closer look at the four important steps you shouldn't miss to fully understand how to be a good podcast guest.

Listen to at Least Two Published Episodes of Your Host

Listening to previous episodes of the show that is going to host you will help you to get a feel for the cadence and rhythm of the podcast. It will also help if you write down repetitive questions you hear, to keep them in your mind, as there is a high chance that the host will ask you the same questions.

Read Reviews of the Podcast

Go to iTunes, Spotify or any other platform to read audience reviews of the podcast and derive insights from criticism you may find there.

This will help you better understand the audience that is going to listen to your interview and increase your chances of resonating with them.

Prepare at Least Three Stories You Can Unfurl at Any Time

The truth is that being a great podcast guest isn’t only about answering questions, it’s about telling stories. People love to hear real-life stories that reveal the real personality behind the show's guests. Prepare some stories about you that you are ready to share with wide audiences. Thinking about what you are going to tell about yourself in advance will help you better construct your guest appearance and come across as natural.

Search About the Topic, Host and Other Guests

Do some good research! Read up on the show, the biography of the host and his/her professional experience. If there are other guests who may be joining you, collect some information about them as well.

Researching other guests will help you to be prepared with interesting topics that will spark conversations, as well as questions for the host or other guests. This will not only impress the podcast host, but also make for a compelling podcast episode for listeners.

How to Be a Good Guest on a Podcast - During the Show

Being a good guest on a podcast is an important part of building and maintaining relationships with your audience. As you talk to the host and engage in meaningful conversations, here are some tips to help ensure that you’re the best guest possible.

Have a Proper Audio Set-Up

The first step when preparing for a Podcast interview is ensuring your audio setup is working properly. Ensure you have quality headphones or earbuds, so that you can hear your interviewer clearly without any background noise. Additionally, use a USB microphone if possible so that it has better sound quality than traditional microphones. It's important to also check the connection between your device and the microphone: if it's wired, test out the cable before the recording starts; if it's wireless, connect with Bluetooth and make sure everything works correctly.

More Quick Tips for Podcast Guests

Use the Host Name

Use the host’s name in some of your answers. This is a small nuance that will keep things warm and conversational.

Keep Your Answers Concise

Be short in your answers because listeners usually get bored of long monotonous answers. Here, it’s crucial not to be fluffy, and not to jump from one topic to another while failing to answer questions properly.

Be Energetic and Happy

Maintain positive energy during the show. Be optimistic and inspirational and avoid discussions about controversial topics. Focus on speaking clearly and confidently without going off-topic too often.

Reference Prior Episodes

If you’ve listened to past episodes of the show, it’s a nice touch to mention one or more of those shows if it’s contextually relevant. This will show your interest and preparation for the interview, and it would be engaging for loyal listeners who love recalling previous episodes.


In conclusion, making a great impression as a podcast guest is not as easy as you might think at first glance. Listeners feel the energy of podcast guests, even if they don’t see them on their screen. Remember that honesty and authenticity are key elements of your success as a podcast guest.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to ace your next podcast appearance like a pro!

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