How to Add Audio or Music to Google Slides

Google Slides has probably saved you many times when you needed to design a quick, expressive, and persuasive presentation. It provides a valuable toolset you can use to deliver any message to your audience with an impressive visual presentation. It’s not a secret that visuals play a vital role in successful communication with the audience.

Thus, you want to make your presentation as visually appealing as possible. Nonetheless, it is crucial to remember that audio, too,  plays a big role in delivering a compelling message to your audience. Hence, you want to learn how to add an audio recording to Google Slides to take your presentation to the next level.

How to Add Audio to Google Slides

Now that you know how to produce high-quality audio for your presentation, it's time to learn how to add an audio recording to Google Slides. Once you master this simple process, you are all set to rock all your presentations.

1) Upload your audio to Google Drive

Google Drive is the cloud storage where all of your files and folders related to different Google platforms are saved. Hence, to add a new file to Google Slides, you would first need to upload the file into Google Drive.

Click on the New button on the top left of your Google Drive account page. Then, select the File Upload button and upload your audio from your device to Google Drive.

Note: if you are planning to share your Google Slides template presentation with others and want them to access your audio, make sure to give them access to your audio file separately from Google Drive. You can do this on your file settings.

2) Insert your audio into Google Slides

On your Google Slides window, tap on the Insert button amongst the top menu options and select the Audio option.

Next, choose the audio you have already uploaded to your Google Drive. After your audio is on your slide, adjust the audio icon to make it look more synchronized with your presentation.

3) Format your audio

Google Slides enables basic formatting for your audio. Namely, you can control the reflection, shadow, volume, and other essential elements of your audio file by clicking on the audio icon and adjusting the menu options displayed on the right part of your screen.

How to Add Music to Google Slides

1) Select the track that will complement your presentation.

2) Upload your music to Google Drive.

3) Click on 'Insert' in the Google Slides menu, select 'Audio' and pick the track you just uploaded.

4) Adjust the slider to line up the music with the slides you would like it to play over.

How to Record High-Quality Audio For a Google Slides Presentation

Before learning how to add your audio files to Google Slides, you want to ensure your audio is clean, does not contain any background noise, has an appropriate volume level, and sounds professional and convincing.

To enjoy an exciting audio experience, you want to choose reliable audio recording software. Podcastle has two tools designed to help you create quality audio. You can use the audio recorder, which enables recording anytime through your laptop or phone. After recording the audio, you can edit it directly on your Podcastle account and export it as an MP3 or WAV file.

The other recording tool, Podcastle’s voice recorder, is designed to record professional voiceovers. Once you finish recording, you can remove any background noise with the Magic Dust feature. Podcastle’s voice recorder automatically creates separate tracks for each voice in a recording. Thus, if someone accidentally interrupts your recording, you don't have to start over again; you can remove the separate tack for the extra voice.

Ultimately, whichever tool you choose to produce your audio, you can transcribe your audio file into text with Podcastle’s audio transcription tool and add subtitles to your videos. As a result, your material will be more SEO-friendly and have a better chance to rank organically on search engines.

Why Should You Add Audio to Your Presentation?

Now that you have mastered the technical part, let’s discuss the benefits of adding audio to your presentation.

Easier to Understand

Throughout a presentation, your audience has to keep track of whatever you are presenting verbally and the text you have included in your presentation. This requires a lot of concentration. Adding audio to your presentation invites your audience’s full attention to your message.

Also, remember that listening requires less effort than reading. You absorb whatever you listen to more rapidly than whatever you read. Therefore, adding audio to your presentation will eliminate some of the effort your audience must put into understanding your material.

Unique Tone

You may be an outstanding speaker who is incredibly good at presenting. However, let’s admit that all the presentations we hear become monotonous at a certain point. No matter which moment that point is, you want to overcome it by spicing up your presentation with something original and unique. Audio is that thing

Audio alleviates the anxiety and stress you have when presenting in person. If you add a voiceover to your presentation, it will sound different and create a more creative vibe. Even if you are doing the voiceover yourself, your audience will grab it differently, as it will sound more precise, well-filtered, adjusted, noiseless, and, most importantly, more confident.

Engaging Vibe

Choosing the right background music or sound can often complement your presentation by giving it a more engaging vibe and highlighting its mood. For example, if you are presenting about Christmas season discount strategies, you may want to include some Christmas music to make your audience feel the holiday vibe and stay engaged.


Adding audio to Google Slides presentation is a simple 3-step process: uploading your audio to Google Drive, inserting it to Google Slides, and adjusting it. The more challenging part is recording high-quality audio and getting a professional sound. You can use Podcastle’s audio or voice recording tools for this.

Do not forget that adding audio to your presentation can help make your material more understandable, giving your presentation a unique tone and an engaging vibe.

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