Alternatives to Stitcher: Where to Submit Your Podcast

All good things come to an end. Sadly, even for podcasters. Stitcher, a beloved podcast app and content network, announced its discontinuation in the Summer of 2023 , marking the end of an era for a vast community of podcasters and podcast listeners. So if you were distributing your podcast through Stitcher or planning to do so, stay here because we’re about to tell you everything on how to move on and find alternatives. To Stitcher, of course.

For the Love of Podcasts: What Was Stitcher

As their motto says, Stitcher was made “for the love of podcasts.” But what exactly were all the pod lovers doing there and why was it so special? Stitcher's distinct charm was its dedication to podcasts, offering an array of features that set it apart. The platform facilitated seamless streaming and offline listening, eliminating the hassle of episode downloads. Its tailored recommendations, guided by users' listening history, served as a personal podcast curator, introducing listeners to new and relevant content. Exclusive shows, available solely on Stitcher, cross-device synchronization, and the concept of custom playlists, all made Stitcher unique in the podcast industry.

While Stitcher's journey is drawing to a close, the spirit of podcasting remains strong. So it's time to explore the top alternatives to Stitcher, so you can keep on creating or listening to podcasts even without Stitcher.

Top Alternatives to Stitcher

Apple Podcasts

First up, we've got the rockstar of podcast platforms—Apple Podcasts. You know, that purple icon on your iPhone? Yep, that one. With a massive fan base and the fact that it's built right into every Apple device, your podcast can get some serious exposure here. Plus, it's a breeze to submit your podcast to Apple, and the interface is super user-friendly.


Now, who's the big player in the music world that's also shaking up podcasting? You guessed it—Spotify! This platform isn't just about tunes; it's got a whole podcasting scene going on. They're all about pushing podcasts to the forefront, and they even mix in some music to keep things interesting. With a music-loving crowd ready to dive into podcasts, this could be your next stage on which to shine.

Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts puts their search superpowers to work, making sure your podcast gets discovered by people who are searching for stuff related to your episodes. And since it's tied into Android devices, your podcast could be the next big search result.


Now, if you're on the hunt for a podcasting home that's comfy for both beginners and pros, meet Podbean. They've got hosting and distribution all in one cozy place. Not to mention, they're into helping you make some money from your podcast and giving you the scoop on who's tuning in.


Looking for an amazing listening experience? Overcast has got your back. They're all about giving your audience a premium audio experience with nifty features like Smart Speed and Voice Boost. Submitting your podcast here means you're reaching out to a crowd that's all about high-quality sound.


Are personalized recommendations your thing? Then check out Castbox. They're like your podcast matchmaker, suggesting shows based on what you love. Plus, they're getting fancy with in-audio search—so listeners can find what they want within episodes. If you're into niche content, this could be your goldmine.

Exploring Niche Platforms:

Oh, and don't forget about those little corners of podcasting heaven dedicated to specific topics. These niche platforms cater to fans who are all about one thing—like true crime, knitting, or even UFO sightings. So, if your podcast is all about a particular passion, these platforms might just be where your people are hanging out.

No worries if Stitcher was your go-to; change can be a good thing, right? The podcasting world is big, and these alternatives are here to help you shine even brighter. So, get ready to share your stories, knowledge, and laughs on a whole new stage.


How to Submit Your Podcast to Podcast Directories

So, you're all set to take your podcasting journey to new platforms after bidding farewell to Stitcher. Awesome! But how do you actually get your podcast onto these directories? We've got you covered with a general guide on how to submit your podcast to various podcast directories.

Step 1: Prepare Your Podcast
Before diving in, make sure you've got your podcast episodes ready to go. This includes audio files, catchy episode titles, episode descriptions, and eye-catching artwork that represents your show. It's the first impression you'll make, so make it count!

Step 2: Choose a Reliable Hosting Service
Having a reliable podcast hosting service is crucial for seamless distribution. Platforms like Podcastle's Hosting Hub offer a convenient way to manage your podcast's episodes, ensuring they're available to various podcast directories. Choose a hosting service that offers easy RSS feed creation and ample storage space for your episodes.

Step 3: Create an RSS Feed
Your RSS feed is like the lifeline of your podcast. It's a web feed that contains all the details about your episodes—titles, descriptions, audio links, and more. Make sure your hosting service generates a valid RSS feed that podcast directories can easily understand.

Step 4: Research and Choose Directories
Take some time to research the podcast directories that align with your content and target audience. This is where you'll spread your podcasting magic! Popular options include Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and many others. Explore each platform's submission guidelines and requirements.

Step 5: Register and Submit
Each podcast directory will have a registration process. You'll likely need to create an account and provide essential details about your podcast. This is where your podcast artwork, descriptions, and other details come into play. Remember, consistency across platforms helps with branding.

Step 6: Submit Your RSS Feed
Here comes the magic moment—submitting your podcast's RSS feed! Podcast directories use this feed to fetch your episodes and make them available to listeners. They may provide a specific field where you paste your RSS feed link. It's like handing over the key to your podcast kingdom.

Step 7: Wait for Approval
After submission, there's usually a waiting period. Podcast directories review your submission to ensure it meets their guidelines. Don't worry; this is standard practice. Once approved, your podcast will be available for listeners to discover and enjoy.

Step 8: Spread the Word
Your podcast is officially out in the world on new platforms! Now's the time to let your audience know. Share the exciting news on your social media, website, and existing platforms. Encourage your listeners to follow you on these new directories to keep the podcasting party going.

Remember, the podcasting landscape is diverse, and each directory has its unique features. Tailor your submission process to suit each platform's requirements, and you'll be well on your way to reaching a broader audience and continuing your podcasting journey in style!

So even with Stitcher coming to an end, there are a lot of new good directories yet to come.

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