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Welcome to the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and to the official website of The Trinidad and Tobago Incoming Tour Operators Association (TTITOA). Formed in 1990 to establish standards and to create synergies for tour operations in Trinidad and Tobago, TTITOA has been quite successful and now has a membership of 20 companies that offer a wide variety of tours.

These include sightseeing, hiking, kayaking, boating, cultural, sporting, mountain biking, birding, natural history, snorkeling, culinary tours and much more. The membership is full of dynamic and caring people who are intimately involved in the development of culture and community enhancement while using ecotourism as a vehicle to deal with the issues of climate change and conservation.

The association has been recognized by both the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Development Company Limited as a bona-fide professional association that provides quality service and meets requisite international standards.

We look forward to hosting you and introducing you to the ‘experience’ that is Trinidad and Tobago.

About Us

What is a Tour Operator?
A tour operator is a company/person who assembles the component parts of a holiday/visit/event and sells it as a finished product/package to a consumer/travel agent.

The Role of the Tour Operator is all encompassing and includes not only marketing of the destination, but also promoting of packages that include air and sea transport, meet and greet services, accommodation, ground transfers and guided sight-seeing tours. It even includes Special Event management such as Conferences. The Tour Operator therefore liaises with many other sectors of the tourism industry to provide the product for consumption by the visitor/client.

Service Providers may be drawn from the following tourism segments: -Accommodation, Catering, Entertainment, Hospitality, Sightseeing, Transport,Fellow Tour Operators

The Tour Operator represents the interests of the contractor by coordinating and managing the ground operations to meet the requirements of the principals. In many instances the Tour Operator markets his business (and by extension the destination of Trinidad & Tobago) to overseas suppliers and enters contractual arrangements to represent and provide tourism or management services to the principals. (These include overseas wholesalers and cruise lines). The Tour Operator therefore is endowed with the responsibility to manage the activities at the destination by ensuring that what is delivered to the end-user is of a satisfactory nature and “value for money”.

Mrs. Lorraine Pouchet
Mr. Stephen Broadbridge
Vice President
Mr. Courtenay Rooks
Ms. Suzan Gail Mohammed
Public Relations Officer
Mr. Trevor Akan
Mrs. Gwenith Spicer

Full Operators

Full Members are those firms that offer a full range of services that includes Tours, Accommodation, Guide Services, Services at Points of Entry and more.

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Allied Members

Allied Members are those companies which do not offer a full range of Incoming Tours Services as their Full Member counterparts or are Industry Suppliers.

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The islands of The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago were joined to the South American Continent during ice ages. Since the last ice age ended about 14,000 years ago most geologists say the islands separated from the continent about 12,000 years ago, though recent estimates possibly put separation at just 1,500 years ago! However you look at it these facts make Trinidad and Tobago South American in geology, wilderness and natural history and yet it’s in the Caribbean. Hence, Trinidad and Tobago is the Caribbean’s most biodiverse islands where rugged mountain chains rising over 3000 feet plunge into azure oceans and run into extensive wetlands boasting more birds, butterflies, and plants than the rest of the Caribbean combined. Added to this are amazing habitats such as rain forests, seasonal forests, fresh and saltwater wetlands, savannas, intricate cave systems, huge coral reefs, elfin woodlands and much more. This means that when visiting Trinidad and Tobago you will get the best of South American adventures and stunningly wild areas on Caribbean islands with a distinctive and fun culture.

It is also the birthplace of calypso music and the steelpan, which is widely claimed to be the only acoustic musical instrument invented during the 20th century. The diverse cultural and religious background allows for many festivities and ceremonies throughout the year. Other indigenous art forms include Soca (a derivate of calypso), Parang (Venezuelan-influenced Christmas music), chutney, Rapso music, which was made famous by Cheryl Byron and Pichakaree (musical forms which blend the music of the Caribbean and India) and the famous Limbo dance.

Officially Trinidadians or Tobagonians, the people from Trinidad and Tobago are often informally referred to as Trinbagonians or Trinis (for Trinidadians). Unlike most of the English-speaking Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago is a primarily industrialized country whose economy is based on petroleum and petrochemicals.

As a result of our cosmopolitan mix of races – African, Indian, Chinese, French, Spanish and more – the people of “Trinbago” present beautiful and talented individuals and Per Capita Trinidad and Tobago can boast of high achievers in many fields. In the field of sport Hasely Crawford was the first Trinidadian to win the Olympic Gold Medal in the men’s 100 m dash. Since then Keshorn Walcott has won gold in the Javelin. We have produced the likes of Dwight Yorke (football), Brian Lara (cricket) and of course our “Soca Worriers” who qualified for the World Cup in ….. which was held in Germany. The artistic scene is vibrant. Trinidad and Tobago claims two Nobel Prize-winning authors, V.S. Naipaul and St Lucian-born Derek Walcott. Mas’ designer Peter Minshall is renowned not only for his Carnival costumes, but also for his role in opening ceremonies of the Barcelona Olympics, the 1994 Football World Cup, the 1996 Summer Olympics and the 2002 Winter Olympics, for which he won an Emmy Award. In the sphere of beauty we have produced three Queens – Penny Commissiong Chow (Miss Universe 1977), Giselle la Ronde (Miss World 1986) and Ms. Wendy Marcelle Fitzwilliam (Miss Universe 1998)

Trinidad and Tobago – where every creed and race find and equal place – come visit!

Kristen's Experience

TRINIDAD : The Happiest Place In The World

Every year, travellers flock to Trinidad and Tobago to experience the famous Carnival. Myself and 7 other bloggers/vloggers headed to Trinidad and Tobago to experience what the twin island countries had to offer pre-carnival. In this video, we experience one of the happiest places I’ve ever travelled throughout…Trinidad. From great food to soca dance parties, Trinidad is a places of celebration and smiling people!

TOBAGO : The Island Paradise

Every year, travellers flock to Trinidad and Tobago to experience the famous Carnival. Myself and 7 other bloggers/vloggers headed to Trinidad and Tobago to experience what the twin island countries had to offer pre-carnival. In this video, we experience the beautiful island of Tobago.


Members of The Trinidad and Tobago Incoming Tour Operators Association (TTITOA) are appalled and saddened by the gruesome murder of Dr. Claire Broadbridge, who is the mother of Stephen Broadbridge, the Vice President of TTITOA.

Many members in our Association are traumatized and greatly disturbed not only about this murder but also the many murders and heinous crimes that occur daily in our twin island republic. It has now reached a point where we as citizens of this nation need to make every effort to take back our country.

For approximately 10 years Stakeholders in the Tourism Industry of Trinidad and Tobago have been observing the crime situation escalating and the resultant negative impact on the psyche of our people as well as on the perception of potential visitors to our shores.

Our senior citizens and our children are now more than ever at risk of becoming a statistic. We have lost a woman, under tragic circumstances, who contributed significantly to the development of her country in spite of challenges from various political entities in the past.

As a major tourism stakeholder TTITOA is pleading with the relevant authorities to move swiftly and sift out all the criminal elements in each community and at the various strata of our society.

The crime situation in Trinidad & Tobago has impacted negatively on our country internationally and in the region and is signalling that we are not in position to ensure the safety of visitors.

This is not auguring well for “Tourism” to move forward in Trinidad and Tobago as we are already way behind our regional neighbours and in the embryonic stage of development of the industry.

The ‘pull’ factor for any destination is the positive ‘experience” that is created for the visitor. This can only occur when our citizens feel safe and secure and can then extend the hospitality that we are so well known for to our visitors.

Lorraine Pouchet



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Code Of Conduct

It should be the constant aim of all T.T.I.T.O.A members to conduct their business and themselves in a manner which will reflect the highest possible standards in business and bring credit to the Association.

Our Association


To establish and provide for members of the Association recognized status by informing the Travel Industry, Government and Associated Agencies and the public of the activities and objectives of Incoming Tour Operations.


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